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Blue Monster Cookie Cupcake (12)

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One of a kind kids (and kids at heart) deserve one of a kind gift delivery. For a special birthday, team party, or that one guys who’s so hard to shop for, order a cupcake delivery that’s sure to bring a smile to every face!

Our Blue Monster Cookie Cupcake (12) starts life as a simple vanilla cupcake. We cover each cupcake in blue jimmies, and bring them to life with googly eyes, before finishing them with a delectable chocolate cookie in their mouth. These munchable monsters will thrill the most devoted cupcake and cookie aficionados alike. Will they start with the cupcake and save the cookie for last, or crunch that cookie first and savor the cupcake to the end? Whatever they choose, you may want to provide a glass of milk for maximum snacking enjoyment.

Order the Blue Monster Cookie Cupcake (12) today for the best in DC cupcake delivery. We offer balloon delivery, too, so you can customize your order to the occasion!