Las Vegas Cake & Cupcake Delivery

Las Vegas Same Day Delivery Information

Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Palazzo, Venetian, Polo Towers, Mandalay Bay and any restaurant establishment. Henderson, Anthem, North Summerlin, North Las Vegas and Blue Diamond.


They will all deliver to your recipient at home or work and they will also deliver items to schools, businesses and hotels – even directly to your hotel room! But please be aware that some businesses in Las Vegas, especially those on “The Strip” (Las Vegas Blvd) may charge an additional gratuity or fee for allowing us to deliver your cake to you.


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Las Vegas Gift Delivery

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Cupcake Delivery

Cupcakes are the simplest sweetest gift you could ever send. Receiving a Cupcake delivery is an immediate crowd-pleaser because everyone can dig in at once. Sending a cupcake variety is always the best choice. Even if you know they love chocolate cupcakes, no one wants to eat an entire dozen of the same cupcake. They would love to have their cupcake delivery include their favorite flavor, plus a few others to try or to share. The great part of the cupcake delivery is that you don’t need anything else to enjoy it. Just open the box and enjoy it. For cupcake delivery, you do not need a cake knife, plates, or forks. Maybe just a napkin or your hand is also fine. This makes a cupcake delivery perfect for kid parties or adults at work.

Las Vegas Cake Delivery

Getting a cake delivered on time is very important if you are celebrating a milestone like a birthday, a birth, or an anniversary. It can also be really important if you need your gift to arrive before a party starts. When you contact these local cake delivery companies make sure to ask about their delivery time windows.

Comparing all of these companies can be daunting. Here are a couple of questions to ask that you may overlook: how tall are your cakes?, Is there buttercream between the layers of a filling? What happens if my recipient is not home when you attempt to deliver to them? Most of these local bakeries will allow you to Order a cake online and receive a holiday or birthday cake delivery. Cakes and typically delivered on a sturdy grease proof cake board and in a cardboard cake box for safety. Each bakery may have specific care instructions for their cakes. In general, cakes are best served at room temperature and can be stored outside of the fridge for 2-4 days. Cakes with fresh fruit or filling should always be refrigerated for storage.

Las Vegas is one of the most famous place to get married in the US and thus there ae a ton of Las Vegas bakeries that offer the perfect wedding cake, cake pops, wedding decor and more.  Most of these Las Vegas Bakeries offer a cake tasting for the happy couple.  Some charge for their cake tasting and others offer it for free or roll the price of the cake tasting into your final price.  It is very important at your cake tasting to try the exact flavors your cake will be.  If your top tier is red velvet cake, the middle is chocolate cake, and the bottom is almond cake then you should expect to try all three flavors during your tasting.  Some Las Vegas NV bakeries may say they will adjust the taste of the cake for you and I would not trust them to do that for you.  A Wedding cake is a custom cake but cake flavor is one of those thigs that is unique to each bakery.  Bakeries in Las Vegas NV are also used to providing a wedding cake for an elopement.  So even on short notice they be able to custom a Wedding Cake for you.  It is important to not that many bakeries charge extra from a rush Wedding cake or Birthday Cake.  If budget is an issue maybe consider a tower of cake pops or cupcakes.

Cake Pops have become all the rage in the last decade and you can get as much flavor variety as you would with a birthday cake.  Even hard to manage flavors like red velvet cake makes a great cake pop.  If you are worried about loosing your cake design with cake pops, fear not.  You can get much more creative with cake design on a cake pop than you could imagine. 

Birthday cakes are also custom cakes and many of the Las Vegas NV bakeries are some of the best in the world.  Las Vegas NV is a city that is over the top so when you order a birthday cake you should also expect it to be over the top in design. We would suggest that you call at least 3 bakeries to check their availability to make your birthday cakes.  Especially in this COVID-19 world many Las Vegas NV bakeries may be limited in the number of orders they will take for birthday cakes.

If you are not looking for custom cakes make sure to ask the bakery if they have ready to pickup birthday cakes.  THis option may limit your flavor choices.  For example, not every bakery makes red velvet cake for immediate pickup.

Balloon Delivery

Balloon choices - there are 2 main types of balloons for delivery that are available from most providers. First is Latex. Latex are the single color balloons that we grew up with. These balloons are great for adding volume to a balloon bouquet for delivery. Typically they are also very wallet friendly. Because they come in hundreds of colors they are also great for setting a theme or mood of your balloon bouquet. Latex balloons are not perfect though. They typically only have a fly time (how long the will stay up in the air after they are blown up) of about 1 day. They are also very prone to popping. A general suggestion is to order more latex balloons than you need to ensure that your balloon bouquet will look good for as long as possible.

The second type of common balloon is a mylar. Mylars are not made from latex and often will have a printed design or words on them. Mylars also come in different shapes and sizes allowing you to customize your message. Balloons bouquets made up of mylar balloons are often more costly BUT make a bigger statement. Mylars also typically have a fly time of up to 7 days.

Balloon bouquets aren't just for kids, either. Anyone in your life can be celebrated with a cheerful, unique bouquet of balloons.

It’s not too late to send a same day balloon delivery to your loved one. Every company has different rules and same-day delivery policies so please make sure to check with each of them. Remember if you are sending to a loved one in another state to consider their timezone as it may affect availability.

We talk all the time about celebrations. YAY...lets celebrate a birth, an anniversary or a milestone. But what about sending cheer to that person who is having a health challenge? Get well balloon delivery is the BEST. It does not matter if its hospital delivery or home delivery...just receiving a bouquet of balloons will lift the spirits of anyone in any condition. Consider sending get well balloons today!

Is your niece or nephew not feeling well, did they break a bone playing a sport and you can’t be there with them physically but you want to send some love. Flower delivery won’t cut it and their parents probably do not want a bunch of sugar. Guess what...get well balloon delivery is the answer. A bouquet of get well balloons is sure to brighten their day. Make sure to ask if the company can provide signing balloons or other thematic types of balloons that will amaze your niece or nephew. Need it today? Many of the companies listed here will provide same day balloon delivery, make sure to contact them for their terms.

Nursing homes are leery of accepting food gifts after COVID-19. Let’s be honest, they should be! But that also puts you in a real bind with how to celebrate mom’s birthday. We have an idea: surprise mom with a birthday balloon delivery to her nursing home. First, the nursing home will have no problem accepting it and secondly and more importantly a dozen birthday balloons delivered will make such a HUGH statement to mom and all her nursing home friends. Make mom feel special today! Last problem...make sure to ask your vendor if they can provide same-day balloon delivery.

Every gift is made more special with the accompaniment of a balloon bouquet. Many of these companies can deliver wonderful treats and special balloon bouquets for you. Let’s also be clear...a single balloon is still a “bouquet” that can upgrade any gift.

Sending treats for someone’s birthday or special occasion is important. They will love them, enjoy them, share them, and be thankful, grateful, and feel loved. Adding balloon delivery onto that gift ups the WOW factor and also because mylar balloons can fly for up to 7 days the party won’t end. They will have memories of YOU and your thoughtfulness for days to come.

Flower Delivery and Gift Basket Delivery

Everyone loves receiving a Flower or Gift Basket delivery. Most people can’t help but feel special when their doorbell rings and there is a gift waiting for them on the other side. Flowers and Gift Baskets set the tone of celebration whenever they are received. It makes for great photos to keep as memories or immediate Social Media posts to brag about their gift. They will be able to enjoy the gift for days to come and appreciate you for sending it every time they see it. Sending Flowers or a gift basket is one of the easiest ways to send a birthday wish or message to get well. Often Flowers deliveries are the perfect way to congratulate someone for promotion on their job or even a retirement. Gift Basket delivery has long been a standing way to say Thank you or Get well and are often sent as sympathy gifts too. No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with flower delivery of sending a gift basket.