About Us

We keep everything simple!


Our philosophy is simple: make the best tasting cakes, cupcakes, truffles, cheesecake, and desserts possible. Each cake recipe has been extensively tested by our bakers and taste test panel. Once we have an awesome tasting product we then figure out how to make it pretty. We are constantly trying new recipes and formulations, most of which come from our Facebook Fans who are always suggesting new ideas.

Every 90 to 120 days we add and remove products from our offering to keep the variety fresh. So if you see a cupcake flavor you like today go ahead and order it. We determine what we remove using a simple formula: what is under selling and what has seasonal ingredients.

Your Order

We make your order when you place it guaranteeing you the freshest delivered product possible. You can rest assured that your desserts were not sitting around in a display case all day.


CupcakeDropoff.com is a unique service of Dessert Affairs that delivers dessert to you at work or home. We were born because many of our Dessert Affairs customers wanted our great desserts for work meetings or smaller home gatherings but did not want/need the custom designed products that Dessert Affairs creates. So, we have taken some of our best flavors and products and now will deliver them to you.