Howard University Cupcake Delivery

You have sent your child away to Howard University and now their birthday is coming up.  A milestone birthday at that, so you want to make this a special gift delivery.  You want to send something so that they know you thought of them and love them beyond just a phone call.  But you don't know any companies in Washington Dc that delivery.  Flower delivery for a college kid seems inappropriate, those national companies deliver hit or miss products.  A local company would be the way to go.  CupcakeDropoff is a local DC-based company that will deliver the best birthday cake or other treats for your college student.

We delivery to Howard University often so we are very familiar with the protocols of the campus and delivering to students dorms.  In order to best serve you, please add the dorm name of your child and their phone number to the address fields during checkout.  We will often text your student before we reach campus to locate them or let them know we are leaving a delivery for them at their residence hall.


Is your child super popular or having a party?  No problem, we can send them 2,3,4 or more dozen cupcakes.  Would you like to embarrass your child (we did it to our kids)? We can send balloon bouquets to Howard University for you.