Graduations are so very different this year due to COVID-19.  Travel plans canceled, no one is walking the stage.  So many young people have worked so hard to reach this milestone in their life and have been awaiting the celebration that says...'YOU DID IT'.  Now those celebrations have to be virtual, now those hugs are air hugs.  But its still important for them to know you are proud of them from graduating and completing this level of schooling.  We can help you celebrate their graduation by delivering wonderful treats and desserts and balloons.


Less formal than a cake, but the perfect “finger food” for a graduation party, our cupcakes for graduates are a great choice when you want to celebrate! There’s always a lot to take care of when someone you love graduates from high school or college, so make your celebration that much easier to plan when you arrange DC graduation cupcake delivery from Cupcake Dropoff.

Whether for graduation or any occasion, our cupcakes come in a wide variety of flavors and styles. If you want some variety, you might like our “Create Your Own Dozen Cupcakes” option in which you can choose up to 3 different flavors. With some of our cupcake styles, you can also choose the right colors to fit the occasion. So you can have graduation cupcakes made to order and delivered, as well as personalized with the graduate’s name.

Every cupcake order is baked fresh by professional bakers when you order it and delivered on time. So if you want the best cupcakes for graduates or to serve at a graduation party in the DC area, don’t just pick up something from the supermarket -- order from Cupcake Dropoff and have gourmet cupcakes made to your specs, with the added convenience of delivery!