DC Bakery Delivery

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because, Cupcake Dropoff has your cake bakery DC delivery needs covered.  Our cakes and baked goods come in a variety of flavors and themes and are all baked fresh to order and delivered directly to your door - no pickup necessary.

If you are looking to make someone feel special, or simply treat yourself, give us a call to place your order for the future, or even same day delivery!

Difference between Local Bakery Delivery and Supermarket Cakes

If you are searching for the best bakery in Washington DC for delivery, you basically have two options: local bakeries or the grocery store.  Sure, you might save a couple bucks going with a supermarket cake, but we wanted to show you the top 3 differences between the two.

  • Baked fresh to order.  
  • When you order through a local bakery, like Cupcake Dropoff, your cakes and cupcakes are baked fresh to order.  They haven’t been sitting in a refrigerator case for who knows how long, just waiting to be sold.  Plus, you have much more room for customization when you order through a local bakery, unlike a cookie-cutter grocery store cake.

    1. You get what you pay for. 

    Ever noticed how grocery store sheet cakes have a super sweet, almost chemically flavor to them?  There’s a reason why they are often cheaper!  While Cupcake Dropoff uses only simple, whole ingredients, cakes from the grocery store are full of artificial ingredients and preservatives.  How else would they be able to sit in a display case for so long?

    1. Support small businesses 

    When you place an order through your local bakery, you are supporting your very own neighbors, not the CEOs of a chain.  Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to help support their local small businesses and buying small is a great way to go.  

    How to Send Corporate Gifts

    Looking for the perfect way to boost morale and show your appreciation for your coworkers, boss or other employees?  Or perhaps you want to send a little holiday cheer to your best clients.  Let them eat cake!  

    Of course, at Cupcake Dropoff we deliver much more than cake.  Whether you want to send a dozen cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecakes, fruit bouquets or even balloons, we have something for everyone.  Check out our huge selection of completely customizable gourmet treats.

    Give us a call to arrange for a future or same day delivery in the Washington DC area.  One of our experienced drivers will hand deliver your order right to your door.

    DC Bakery Delivery During COVID-19

    Your safety, and the health and safety of the entire Washington DC area, is our top priority.  We know that during these uncertain times, our customers are staying home more than ever.   You may be missing your favorite desserts from bakers Tiffany Macisaac (Buttercream DC) and Baked Wired.

    Therefore, we have taken every precaution to make sure that we can safely come to you instead and deliver sweet treats right to your home.  All of our employees have been fully trained on appropriate social distancing, hand washing and use of PPE.  

    While we can not deliver unless someone is there to accept the order, we can arrange for contactless delivery.  Let us know ahead of time if you have any special concerns.  Our drivers are hired by Cupcake Dropoff, not Uber Eats, Postmates or a similar app delivery in Washington.

    For delivery and pick up of desserts outside of the DC area, check out the content from other great bakeries on our Delivery Cities page.  Some of our favorite items include chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped cookies, pies, chocolate chess pie, gluten free treats and even ice cream!