Cupcake Delivery

Just about everybody loves cupcakes, and all the more so when they are freshly baked by professional chefs and hand-delivered! Our cupcakes are as beautifully decorated as our full size cakes, but of course they are easier to serve -- no cutting required. For birthdays, office parties or any occasion, cupcake delivery from Cupcake Dropoff is a great choice that will cause instant smiles.

Cupcake Dropoff offers birthday cupcakes in several different styles and flavors. We have character cupcakes, such as our red monster cupcakes or blue monster cookie cupcakes. Or you can go for our stylish personalized cupcakes, with your own custom message on each. Of course we also offer the traditional birthday cupcakes with sprinkles, or you can create your own dozen cupcakes -- the possibilities are endless!

Want interesting cupcake flavors that go beyond the ordinary? We offer s’mores cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes, lemonade cupcakes and more -- in addition to the classic vanilla, chocolate and red velvet varieties.

When it comes to the size of the cupcakes, you have choices there, too. You can choose regular sized cupcakes in a 6 pack -- great for when you don’t need a full dozen cupcakes, especially since our regular cupcakes are almost twice the size of grocery store cupcakes! Or you can opt for jumbo cupcakes, which are larger than muffins, or mini cupcakes.

All our cupcake sizes and varieties are available for delivery in the greater Washington DC area. Place your order today to have freshly baked cupcakes decorated to your specs and delivered!