COVID-19 Care Packages

Our company is considered essential during this pandemic since we are a food delivery service.  We are happy to continue delivering smiles to the Greater Washington, DC area. We are delivering a few additional food and care items to help during this crisis.

To limit our exposure to COVID-19 we have the following practices in place:

Contactless Delivery:  To limit person contact in adherence to social distancing rules.

  • Homes: We will deliver to your front door and ring the doorbell or knock.  If we do not see the package pickup shortly after delivery, you will receive a call that the package is there.  
  • Apartments / Offices: We will deliver to the front desk and allow your concierge or receptionist to deliver to you.

Your packages:

  • All orders are stapled closed to prevent anyone from interacting with your food or handling it beyond the kitchen.

Our Staff:

  • The admin works remotely and will continue to answer the phones and online chat to assist with orders.  This may mean a call back to ensure we have something in stock for the same day order because they are not in the office/kitchen to know right away
  • The Drivers received sealed packages from the kitchen.  They wear gloves for each delivery in order to decrease their contact with outdoor surfaces.  
  • The kitchen has been decreased to the owner and very few others.  Health is monitored and they have always followed strict protocols during cold and allergy season, which are being upheld now.  
  • No clients, staff or outsiders are allowed in the commercial kitchen or the office.