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Smores Cake

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Get ready!!! This cake will bring out your childhood memories of camping while still being sophisticated enough to be served at a formal dinner. Bottom line...this cake is layers of flavorful deliciousness. We put chocolate butter cream between two layers French vanilla cake then cover the cake in a marshmallow butter cream and top it with Teddie grahams, marshmallows, chocolate curls and a chocolate sauce.


About Premium Cakes

All our premium cakes are 4 to 5 inches tall (they are HUGE) and use the very best of our ingredients. Premium cakes are all individually made by one of our best bakers. We currently sell premium cakes in select sizes:
  • 10 inch round (feeds 15-18)
  • 12 inch round (feeds 25)
Custom sizes/shapes are also available. Please call us to discuss: 202 779 5300