Why chocolate covered strawberries delivery is the perfect gift?

At Cupcake Dropoff, we are best known for our amazing and mouthwatering selection of delicious cupcake gifts; but we also offer delectable gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries in order to ensure that, whatever your taste, you’ll be able to find something that excites you on our website.

In fact, not only do we offer an excellent selection of chocolate-covered strawberries, but we are also proud to boast that we are the best place in the DC area for coated strawberry delivery.

Few desert foods are as universally appreciated, or as versatile, as chocolate-covered strawberries. Unlike with larger cakes, these can be easily enjoyed over a period of time as a casual and self-indulgent snack food, or else – depending on their topping – can be a mouthwatering and rich delight to be enjoyed with gusto following a great feast.

The combination of the fresh and juicy taste of the fruit is complemented fantastically by the variety of toppings that can be added to them, with the end result being either light and refreshing or a rich and flavorsome experience depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Here are just a few of the points that stand in our favor.

Our strawberries are bought, dipped, and delivered fresh on the day of delivery

Many companies that provide delicacy foodstuffs ready for quick delivery manage to achieve their quick turnaround times because they maintain a large supply of frozen goods on-site, which can be quickly packaged and shipped off with minimal preparation.

At Cupcake Dropoff, we follow a different policy altogether. Not only are our strawberries dipped and prepared on the same day your delivery is due, but we go the extra mile and purchase them fresh on the day of delivery, too. Our strawberries are never frozen.

All of this means that whenever you buy from us you are guaranteed to get the freshest and richest tasting coated strawberries to be found anywhere.

Not only are our strawberries prepared fresh each and every time, but they are also hand-dipped and crafted so that you know that each batch features a great degree of personal attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality control. You will undoubtedly know the difference upfront when you compare our coated strawberries to those sold by other chocolate strawberries delivery companies.

Perfectly suited for every occasion

One of the reasons why chocolate-covered strawberries are such an ideal gift is that they are perfectly suited to just about any occasion you could imagine – especially if you include some customized extras, too.

Whether it’s a birthday, a formal get-together, a congratulation package for a friend or relative who is getting married, or any number of other things when you send chocolate covered strawberries to someone as a delicious bite-sized treat they are never likely to be unwelcome.

And, of course, chocolate-covered strawberries also make a brilliant romantic gift for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, especially if you use our Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Love box featuring12 luscious coated strawberries hand-dipped in premium milk chocolate and pink white chocolate, and finished with elegant chocolate swirls or heart-shaped sprinkles.

Of course, if your significant other isn’t too keen on pink gifts, you can still thrill their tastebuds with a box of our classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries, or our elegant Black and White Dipped Strawberries, among others.

Formal and theme-appropriate when you need them to be

Are you about to get married, or else have someone close to you who is getting married? If so, there’s a good chance that you could benefit from a batch of chocolate strawberries with a slightly more theme-specific design.

Our Wedding Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are sure to impress your guests and to bring a smile to everyone’s faces, with their artful decoration in the style of a groom wearing a tuxedo, and a bride wearing a dress.

When it comes to more understated styles, there are a wide variety of chocolate-covered strawberries that will fit in elegantly on any table or buffet platter, in even the most formal setting.

And that’s one of the great benefits of this particular dessert food; it can be adjusted to match the style and tone of whatever event you are hosting or attending.

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