Thank Your Staff with a Last-Minute Surprise Cupcake Delivery

Your staff is vital to the success of your company, and every once in a while, a surprise dessert delivery in the break room will go a long way. It’s no secret that the breakroom is the place everyone dashes off too if they’ve caught wind of a few up-for-grabs snacks. 

It’s also no secret that the breakroom is a dumping ground on Mondays where staff bring their weekend leftovers to liquidate and be rid of what they no longer want. No one’s complaining about the leftovers, right? 

But how about instead of someone’s stale birthday cake, you surprise your hardworking team members with fresh desserts delivered right to the breakroom, or even better, right to their desks!

It’s Important that Your Staff Knows You Appreciate Them

You know it’s important to let your team know that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, and if you woke up this morning wondering if they are aware of your gratitude, then it’s time to give them something they all love: desserts delivered. 


It’s the little things that matter and motivating your staff with a last-minute dessert delivery is just one simple way to thank them for their hard work. Cupcake Dropoff will deliver dessert and cupcakes in the DC area—and if you’re in a pinch, we have same-day delivery options as well! 


4 Ways to Express Your Gratitude with a Dessert Delivery in DC

It can be hard to come up with the words to say thank you, and sometimes it takes more than words. So, to make things a tad easier for you to come up with ways to reward your staff, we’ve taken away the stress by putting together these 4 ways to express your gratitude, not just once-in-a-great-while, but whenever someone goes above and beyond. 

1. On-Demand Cupcake Dessert Delivery in DC

Your life is hectic enough, and between your job and your family, there can be very little time to whip up a batch of “thank you” cupcakes. You know your employees well, and when you put treats in the breakroom, your staff has time to refresh, connect with one another, and of course satisfy their sweet tooths any time of the day. 

If someone starts the day off on positive note, or encourages a coworker, give us a call for an afternoon delivery to surprise them and say thank you for being a team player. 

Use our on-demand service to place an oder before 11:00 am to have fresh cupcakes, edible fruit bouquets, cakes, and more delivered to your office today. 


2. Recognize Your Employee’s Hard Work with Employee of The Month Dessert Delivery

Prime parking spots are great, and all, but nothing says thank you like an edible fruit bouquet or cupcake dessert delivery. Spicing up the rewards for good work, lets your team know you are thinking of them, and taking the time to consider giving them something special…and we won’t even tell them it was last-minute! 

Cross our hearts, we won’t!

We have the sweetest treats in the DC area and rewarding your employee of the month with a cupcake delivery, or a cherry cheesecake will have the rest of the staff motivated to achieve more and get their month of recognition. 

Everyone feels special when they get something delivered to them. Think of how you feel when that fresh box is sitting on your doorstep at the end of the day. Delivery represents a luxury, or pampering, if you will because it takes the work out of going to get what you need (or want). 

Treat yourself with the ease of having desserts delivered to your staff, and treat them with their favorite sweets—they will know you went the extra mile because you sent a special delivery. 

3. Give the Gift of a Birthday Dessert Delivery to Thank Your Staff

It’s no secret that people like to feel special on their birthdays. If you are looking for a way to show your staff that you know there is more to them than the work they do, a treat on their birthday is a selfless way to say, “I appreciate you, and hope you have a fantastic birthday.” 

Remember how it felt to get balloons on your birthday? Pretty amazing right? Well we are willing to bet that feeling never goes away. So go ahead and add a birthday balloon to their dessert delivery, and bring back the special birthday boy or girl feeling they had when they where little.

And then, give them the day off…ok, maybe that’s not an option, but at least they will know you cared enough to call us to deliver dessert on their birthday. 


4. Impromptu Break Room Tension Tamer

Maybe it’s a busy time of year, and the tension among staff is thicker than our Peanut Butter Cup Cake. While it may seem like there isn’t time for a break or breather, a quick gathering in the break room with our cake delivery will bring everyone together, and show them how thankful you are for their hard work.

Let your staff take a breather and chomp into one, or five, of our delicious dessert options, and they will leave the break room feeling refreshed, appreciated, and ready to give their all. Dessert delivery is just one easy way to say thank you to your team for a job well done. 

Sometimes it’s the simplest, sweetest, things that help your employees feel valued. Our same-day dessert delivery service makes it easy to show your staff that you appreciate them. Call us to learn more about our delivery options!


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