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Should I send flowers on my boyfriend's birthday?

Are flowers the answer as a birthday delivery for him?  Flowers make a big statement for most occasions and brighten your recipient’s day when you send them as gifts.  But are they a good corporate delivered gift for him?  Everyone in the office can see them, it smells nice and it makes the recipient feel special that day.  Flowers are a way to mark occasions, birthdays or anniversaries.  Plus they are easy corporate gifts to order.


But does your boyfriend or husband want to get flowers for his occasions, especially his birthday?  Most men feel like this is the perfect gift for their girlfriend or wife.  Men tend to shop and order at the last minute.  So they have to go with the gourmet cookies, gift boxes, fruit baskets, or other gifts that they can shop or get delivered quickly.   


Women love to show off to their coworkers and let others see the gifts they get for a special occasion like their birthday.  Plus flowers and floral items have always been a sign of beauty and romance and are a signature part of special occasions.  So floral gifts, as a corporate delivery, are great to set the occasion.  When guys want to shop quickly for something you would love, flowers or gourmet baskets are easy options.


So should you send them to your boyfriend? Is this a good birthday delivery for him? The answer is Yes and No.


Yes.  If he receives a corporate delivered gift for him, on a special day,  he will likely appreciate it.   It is a sign that you cared about him.   Since it was flowers, he will also get the experience of all the coworkers noticing the gifts and asking “what is the occasion”,“who sent it?” or saying “congratulations”  throughout the day.  Flowers in your office is similar to hanging up a sign that says “ Congratulations to me, I’m celebrating.”  He may or may not appreciate his coworker’s attention for his special occasions, especially not on his birthday.  Also, consider his work environment.  Is this a statement you want to make there?  Most women will think, Yes, I want everyone to know that he has someone special in his life and is unavailable.  But does he want to open up the conversation about his relationships and personal life at work?  For example, a teacher, may not want his students to ask about his private life, which is what the flowers create as a conversation starter that day.


Let’s get back to the question about sending floral gifts.


Should you send flowers to your boyfriend on his birthday?  No. The overall perspective is No.  


Men like to send you flowers because that is a gift you can show off, but you actually like flowers.  You likely shop for your own flowers at home to enhance your life and lifestyle.  When was the last time you saw your guy “stop to smell the roses.”  Guys typically do not care about flowers, not even on a special day.  So when you send him the gift, it is definitely the gift you wanted him to have, not the birthday gift you thought he would enjoy.  


For some men, it is also embarrassing because it is a sign that you are just trying to mark your territory and did not shop to consider him.

So which is the best approach to shop for your guy with a special day delivery??  I think you should always send gifts he would enjoy.  If it happens that you must send a gift to work, consider a nice lunch, something that makes his work environment more enjoyable or a gift basket designed for him.  The worst things to have for your birthday or special occasion are gifts that you don’t like, for all the office to see.  Let’s do better ladies.  Your first thought has to be, what does he enjoy, and then figure out where to shop and how best to have those gifts delivered.  The birthday delivery for him has to be something he would love.  So congratulations to you for considering what was best and not just making an impulse shop decision.

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