Reasons to Send a Cake Delivery Care Package to your College Student

So your child has grown up and left the nest. Congratulations! They are officially a big-time college student in the DC area.

It's a time for celebration, and transition, for both you and your student.

Maybe it's the first year your student is away during their birthday... and perhaps it seems as if it's been a bit harder on you than them.

Shhh, it's ok, we won't tell. 

Either way, it's challenging to break tradition if your college student is far from home during their birthday. So, what's the easiest way to send birthday cake to your college student without trying to box up your no-fail homemade cake and sending it off postal? 

Well, you call on us, of course. There are countless reasons to send your student some gourmet gifts as a college care package while they are away, and we make it easy to do it.

We totally understand how it feels to be separated from your loved one during their birthday. So, you can trust us to go the extra mile when you can't be there for your college student on their birthday, or during any special time in their lives.

As if you needed more reasons to treat your college kid here's 5 more reasons to reach out to show how much you care, no matter where you are:

1. You Are Oceans Apart (Send Birthday Cake to  American University from Overseas)

You made the hard decision to send your kid to America for better educational opportunities.  They got here and they are killing it as you knew they would. You are super proud of them but that does not change the feeling in your heart as their special day arrives and you start thinking back on all the birthday celebrations you have shared over the years.  

So how do you show that love, how do you make sure they feel your pride oceans away….our Birthday Drip Layer cake delivered to their dorm at American University is sure to do the trick.

You are counting the days until they return home, and in the meantime, you know a cake delivery would knock their socks off. 

Whether your student is an exchange student, studying abroad, or just had to fly the nest (FAR!) we are happy to deliver cake to your college student on their birthday. 

2. Your College Student is Homesick 

Did you know that according to US News, "In many cases, 1 in 3 first-year students or more won't make it back for sophomore year." 

You aren't the only one struggling with the newness of empty nest syndrome. Your student is adjusting to a whole new life. 

And if they are far from home, they will need a bit of encouragement along the way. 

There's something to be said for the feeling you get when a delivery arrives. So when you send your child a gift to remind them how much you care, they will feel loved and comforted knowing you took the time to send them something unique.

So, rather than the boring, expensive, care packages the university is urging you to purchase, customize one for your student with our help. Not only will the gift be something your student actually wants, but it will be easier on your wallet as well. 

And if it's your student's birthday, give us a call, and we will help you send a birthday cake--even if it's the day of!

3. You Miss Your College Student

Ok, so maybe it's a bit more about you than them here...but you did raise your baby to be the academic they have now become. You've spent your life giving, teaching, and loving your child, and it's not easy when they are away from home for the first time (or even the second time). 

Do something sweet just to say, "I love you!"

Send your college student an impromptu surprise they can share with their friends. Perhaps a dozen cupcakes, or maybe an edible fruit know them best so come on over to our online bakery and pick out what only you know will make them smile. 

4. Your College Student Made the Dean's List (or not)

You know your student has been working extremely hard, and after their first semester grades come out, you realize you have a student on the Georgetown University Dean's List! 

All their hard work has paid off, and they are getting the recognition they deserve. It's time to celebrate your student's achievement with a cake and some of those snazzy helium balloons they loved when they were young. 

Or not

So, maybe your kiddo didn't make the Dean's list this time around, but you know they spent a ton of time studying. Sending a special treat is just one way to show your hard-working student that you recognize their hard work, and are proud of them, no matter what.

5. Send Your DC College Student a Cake When They Hit a Personal Goal

The last time you talked to your child, they went on and on about their hopes and dreams, and how desperately they wanted to make the soccer team, or fraternity, or pep band, or whatever milestone they have in mind.

Let's be real, college inspires new goals every day for your student. And you want to support them all.

When the call comes, and your student can't wait to tell you all about their latest achievement, send them something special to share in their excitement. 

Plus, we can deliver themed gifts that fit any situation.

Colleges we deliver to in DC.

We wish we could send fresh cakes all over the world...and maybe someday we will! But for now, if you have a child at any of these DC colleges, we'd love to help you send them a birthday cake or special treat.

If your college or venue isn't on this list, that's ok, we still deliver desserts anywhere in the DC area! 

So call us today to schedule your delivery and make your student's day a day to celebrate, no matter the reason!

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