Chocolate covered fruit delights delivered? Yes, Please!

As soon as the school year starts, the mad rush to the holidays has unofficially begun. Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice lattes are everywhere. Now, with everyone back in Starbucks Pumpkin Latteschool and summer vacations over, it’s easy to get caught up in the business of life. 

For example, when it’s time to recognize a colleague or to thank a teacher for a job well done, parents or assistants can no longer just run to the store and pick up a card and a bottle of wine.  Now, in the age of Pinterest and Etsy where custom or home-made gifts are all the rage, you may not have the time to put something together.

If this sounds like you, the professional, the busy parent, whatever the case may be, have you considered the idea of sending a gift to be delivered? While you may not be able to see the recipients face when their special treat arrives, you know that for many people, gifts that are delivered are always a delight.

Receiving a delivery - whether or at home or the office - especially a chocolate Fall Fruit Harvest Fruit Bouquet! Order Today.covered fruit arrangement or cupcakes in one’s favorite flavors, is a special treat for anyone. For example, the Fall Fruit Harvest arrangement available here at Cupcake Dropoff is the perfect solution for anyone looking to recognize someone else. This abundant arrangement, filled with pineapples dipped in chocolate shaped like pumpkins, apple wedges coated in toffee and other delicious surprises will delight whomever you want to share this gift with.

If you’re ready to sent a delicious surprise like this arrangement, or perhaps a dozen cupcakes for delivery, click here to start browsing through all of our delicious and delightful desserts now!

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