Celebrate National White Chocolate Day September 22nd!

Saturday is National White Chocolate Day! Were you even aware there is a day thatBlog post sharing white chocolate strawberry delivery gifts and other treats celebrates the underrated and underappreciated delicious treat that is white chocolate?

We thought you might not be. The good news is the team hard at work here at Cupcake Dropoff is here to help you celebrate this deliciously fun day.

Defined as a “confection of chocolate” - according to the dictionary - white chocolate is a lighter, often less-sweet version of it’s darker companion. Frequently used by bakers and confectioners to make beautiful artwork on finished desserts and baked goods, white chocolate should be celebrated.

The team at Cupcake Dropoff has put together a delicious collection of desserts that celebrate white chocolate, including:

  • White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: Just one example of how elegance manages to find its way onto a cupcake. Moist vanilla cake filled with raspberry preserves and covered in white chocolate curls.
  • Black & White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: Fresh strawberries are dipped by hand in milk and white chocolate, a decadent gift or a special treat for dessert tonight.
  • Triple Chocolate Covered OreoⓇ Cookies: We rose to the challenge to make improvements to the delicious, classic Oreo® cookie. The brilliant team here took this all-time classic cookie and covered them in an assortment of dark, milk and white chocolates, and then hand-decorated them for extra flair. A perfect combination of chocolate, cookie and cream filling, you likely won’t want to share.

All of these scrumptious treats are ready for you to order, whether for yourself or as a gift. Have you considered the Triple Chocolate Covered OreoⓇ Cookies as a hostess gift for the next party you attend, or to say thank you to your administrative assistant for a job well done?

If you’re ready to order yourself or someone you know delicious white chocolate covered surprise, like white chocolate covered strawberries delivered, click here to start browsing through all of the delightful treats that Cupcake Dropoff is delighting the D.C. area with!

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