Birthday cake delivery has never been easier

Have you ever found yourself with a special occasion coming up, knowing that you need a cake, but having no clue where to start with getting the best possible dessert to commemorate the event?

The traditional method of cake shopping can be pretty tiresome. You’ve got to go around the different bakers in your vicinity and hope that at least one of them will have something that tickles your fancy and that you can reliably assume will get the job done, and will be to your tastes or the tastes of whoever the cake is for.

Then, you’ve got to narrow down your prospective selection according to price, and may also need to get into a lengthy discussion with the store owners and chefs about things like allergy information, the length of time the cake has been sitting out, or – if the cake will be prepared fresh – you have to figure out the specifics of delivery times and hope that everything comes together reliably.

Luckily, there is a much easier and more reliable way of cake shopping.

With, birthday cake delivery has never been easier.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using our services.

You can choose your delivery date to ensure your loved one gets their cake on the right day

Going through the stressful routine of trying to figure out which cake, from which bakery, will make it to the right address by the right date is now a thing of the past.

With our services, you can choose your delivery date upfront with crystal clarity and with no strings attached or unwelcome surprises.

As a trusted and reliable service, you can rest assured that your cake will make it to wherever it’s meant to be, by the appointed time, meaning that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being able to sit back and relax once you have clicked through your order.

We offer free delivery over $75

These days, one of the hallmarks of good customer service is a delivery system that rewards customers for the money and trust they are willing to commit to a retailer. For this reason, many leading online companies offer special deals for their dedicated customers, to make delivery a smoother and more pleasant process.

We are no different in that regard. When you place an order with us over $75, your delivery is free.

Considering that cake shopping for a special occasion might often involve placing multiple orders at once, this is a benefit that a large number of customers are likely to be able to enjoy on a regular basis.

Cake plus balloons make a perfect gift

As a general rule, everyone is a bit more distracted and preoccupied than they would really like to be these days, what with so many different responsibilities pressing on all of us from time to time, and with such a large number of decisions to be made on a regular basis. That’s not to mention the sheer amount of choice on offer whenever you are trying to figure out the best way to organize anything.

Planning a birthday can, of course, be pretty time and energy-intensive process. Although buying the cake itself is always going to be one of the major errands that need to be dealt with, there’s plenty more that goes into party planning – such as decorations, props, and more.

Knowing this, we offer a great range of themed balloons in addition to our cake services, so that you can get your party planned and organized all the more easily and comfortably.

A free complementary card message is included

The sentiment behind a cake is almost as important as the taste of the cake itself, which is why we include a free complementary card message with our orders.


Made fresh

We make your order fresh once you place it, meaning that you never have to worry about receiving stale goods that have been sitting around in a display cabinet somewhere for days in advance.

This way, you are always sure to get the richest and most delicious flavor out of any cakes you order from us.


Same-day delivery

It’s great to plan ahead, but sometimes life just happens, we get caught up, and it’s necessary to make last-minute plans and arrangements. Even if you are impeccably on top of things, situations can nonetheless arise out of nowhere that could require a cake in a hurry.

Fortunately, we offer same day delivery on a variety of delicious treats, so that even the most last-minute occasions can be properly supplied with something tasty to eat.

Just keep in mind that we don’t offer free delivery for our same-day delivery service.

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