10 Simple Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend On His Birthday

So it’s your boyfriend’s birthday coming up, and you’re looking for a super cute gift? No matter how well you know your guy, it’s sometimes hard to decide on the perfect present. Luckily, we’ve got you covered, one of these ten simple gifts is bound to score you major girlfriend points.

  1. Craft Beer Club Subscription Box

Craft Beer Club offers one of the best beer subscription boxes out there. You can choose either a monthly subscription, go for every-other-month, or a quarterly beer box. With every box, your boyfriend will get 12 top quality craft beers, and a beer club newsletter. The newsletter has plenty of useful info about each beer and the foods that are best paired with each. These beers are made by artisan and independent brewers, using both creative methods and well-established techniques. With a Craft Beer Club gift, your boyfriend will get to sample beers from the USA's very best micro-breweries!

  1. Customized Couple Illustration

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift that’s a little sentimental? If so, consider buying your boyfriend a customized couple illustration. The ‘Yes December Studio’ store on Etsy offers some lovely art work. These illustrations are a mix of digital caricature and photorealism, you simply submit your photographs and preferences. You can choose between a plain background or the same background as your submitted image. Now all you’ve got to do is find your favorite pic of you and your boo.

  1. Escape Room Experience

Looking for a unique gift that will surprise your boyfriend on his birthday? If he’s the adventurous type an Escape room experience should go down a treat. For those of you wondering what on earth an Escape Room is, it’s essentially a live action-adventure game. The game takes place inside a themed room, and you and your team get just one hour to solve a range of puzzles to escape. Escape The Room in Washington, DC, has plenty of fun themes to choose from. There’s ‘The Agency’, where you’ll take on the role of a spy, or ‘Jurassic Escape’ where you’ll save the city from dinosaur clones!

  1. Gourmet Cupcakes

Gourmet cupcakes are the perfect treat for your boyfriend, at CupcakeDropoff we make a wide range of delicious cakes including classic birthday cupcakes, ,sports-themed cookies, chocolate ganache or black forest cake. Cupcakes are an excellent choice for a guy’s birthday; they are tasty, fun, and ideal for a celebration. Our cupcakes come in a whole range of tasty flavors, from cookies and cream to pina colada. If you’re looking to deliver something yummy and sweet to your boyfriend on his birthday, we’ve got just what you need.

  1. Indoor Skydiving Experience 

Indoor skydiving involves a simulation of freefall conditions using a wind tunnel. The experience allows the dream of flying to become a reality! Conditions are entirely safe, and a flying instructor guides participants throughout the session. Indoor skydiving is a lot of fun, and if your boyfriend likes adventure sports, he’ll just love this gift. One great indoor skydiving center is iFLY; the center plans to open their doors soon once COVID restrictions are lifted.

  1. Personalized Love Story 

Looking for a gift that shows how much you care? Your very own personalized love story will certainly do the trick. LoveBook is a book building service that lets you tell your story, whether it’s how you met, your in-jokes, or all the reasons that you’re in love. With the LoveBook builder, you can choose your own title and cover; customize the illustrations; and personalize the pages. There are a few examples and templates on the website to help inspire your creativity. With LoveBook you can create whichever kind of story you like, whether funny or sentimental.

  1. Personalized Blanket 

Is your boyfriend a big fan of the duvet day? Are you the kind of couple who just love spending Sundays curled up watching Netflix? If you can relate, a personalized blanket could be just what you're looking for. Uncommon Goods sell some beautiful personalized blankets designed with a handwritten letter printed onto the fabric. You simply write your boyfriend a cute letter, make your order, and Uncommon Goods will create you and a gorgeous blanket.

  1. DateClub Box 

Couples across the globe have been spending more time at home due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun-filled date nights! If you and your man are getting bored with movie nights and pizza, try buying him a subscription to DateBox Club. Each monthly subscription box has a different theme, an activity, and a tasty snack. There’s no need to rack your brains thinking up creative date nights anymore. DateClub Box has everything that you need. Here you’ll find fun games like truth or dare Jenga, arts and crafts activities, or classic beer pong.

  1. Personalized Boxers

Fancy buying your boyfriend a fun gift that’s bound to make him laugh? What about a pair of boxer shorts with your face on them? MyFaceBoxer lets you print your face onto all different clothing types, whether t-shirts, socks, or underwear. You’re bound to put a smile on his face with this one, and there are so many cute designs and colors to choose from. To surprise your boyfriend on his birthday, personalized boxers are the ideal quirky gift.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect surprise birthday gift idea for your husband or boyfriend. It’s romantic; you’ll get stunning views, great photos, and maybe even a splash of champagne. Cloud 9 Living offers some top experiences; their services have recently re-opened so you’ll be able to book right away. An experience gift like this is a great way to tick an item off the bucket list and get out of your comfort zone.

If you still can’t decide on a gift for your guy, consider making something yourself? Put your creativity to the test with a poem, a piece of art, or a photo collage? Homemade gifts can be a great addition to an item you’ve purchased. You can keep it simple, whether it’s a handmade card or a framed photograph.

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